Accordion Lessons

Looking to learn how to play the accordion? Michael teaches students of all skill levels!

The accordion is a great instrument to play because it's essentially a one-person band. It is portable and extremely versatile, covering a vast repertoire of musical styles. With an accordion, you are able to play melody, bass, rhythm, and chords simultaneously. It can also be a blending instrument when playing with other musicians.

No previous musical experience is necessary, and anyone of any age can learn to play.

What to Expect:

  • Lessons last for 45 minutes; one lesson per week is recommended.
  • Each lesson is customized to your skill level and pace.
  • You are encouraged to work towards your own musical interests and goals.
  • You will need your own accordion for lessons and to practice at home.
  • All students have the opportunity to share their progress in an annual recital.

Contact Michael to discuss rates and other details regarding lessons.

Need to buy an Accordion?

Michael maintains a small inventory of accordions for rent or for sale. Contact him if you need help finding an accordion that will be a good fit for you.

Have an accordion to sell or that needs to be fixed?

Michael can also appraise and, potentially, repair an accordion that's ready for its next life!