Michael Schaeffer is an accordion player based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you live there, you may have already seen him pressing mother-of-pearl keys and squeezing the bellows of his accordion at a local restaurant or a friend's wedding.

Michael purchased his first accordion in 2001 after having a dream about playing a bellowed instrument in a dark room. He had  been playing piano for fifteen years before he bought his first "beater" accordion. Now, Michael specializes in Italian, French, and tango music, along with his own original compositions.

Michael is available for hire to entertain at events and gatherings. Michael also teaches accordion lessons. He plays at Mangiamo! on Sunday evenings from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

Mangiamo is a beloved historic mansion just east of downtown Grand Rapids, which The Gilmore Collection has transformed into one of West Michigan's greatest spots for fantastic Italian-inspired cuisine. The ambiance is rustic, classic, and elegant for an experience only a turn-of-the-century mansion can provide.


Why the Accordion?

The accordion is essentially a one-man band.  It is portable and extremely versatile, covering a vast repertoire of music styles, including jazz, tango, waltz, polka, samba, beguine or any other genre of music you can imagine.