Accordion Repairs & Appraisals

Michael's years of experience with and curiosity towards accordions has allowed him to expand his skill set to include repairs and appraisals.

Accordion Repairs

Have you ever seen the inside of an accordion? The mechanics are quite astounding, and there are a number of little things, and combinations of little things, that could go wrong to compromise accordion function and require repair. From waxing reed blocks to replacing leathers, to cleaning the inside and even improving cosmetics, Michael has the capability to do most accordion repairs out of his workshop.

Accordion Repair Rate: $75 per hour

Accordion Appraisals

Wondering what grandma's old accordion might be worth? Did you pick up a vintage box from a flea market? Looking to sell to upgrade your current accordion? Michael can take a look and determine the saleable value of your accordion. He may even be willing to take it off your hands at that amount to have accordions available for his students.

Accordion Appraisal Rate: $25 flat fee

Contact Michael to set up an appointment for a repair or appraisal.