Accordion Lessons

Looking to learn how to play the accordion? Michael teaches students of all skill levels!

The accordion is a great instrument to play because it's essentially a one-person band. It is portable and extremely versatile, covering a vast repertoire of musical styles. With an accordion, you are able to play melody, bass, rhythm, and chords simultaneously. It can also be a blending instrument when playing with other musicians.

No previous musical experience is necessary, and anyone of any age can learn to play. Contact Michael to schedule your first lesson!

What to Expect:

  • One lesson per week is recommended for building on progress.
  • Each lesson is customized to your skill level and pace.
  • You are encouraged to work towards your own musical interests and goals.
  • You will need your own accordion for lessons and to practice at home.
  • All students have the opportunity to share their progress in an annual recital.


$30 for 30 minutes | $35 for 45 minutes | $40 for 60 minutes

Skype Lessons Available

Live video lessons are available over Skype. If you aren't local to Grand Rapids, or may not be able to attend weekly lessons in person, this is an excellent option for learning the accordion.

don't have an Accordion?

Michael maintains a small inventory of accordions for rent or for sale. He can help you find an accordion that will be a good fit for you.